Born and raised in Texas and recently made the big move to Washington, DC. Enjoying life with my sometimes paleo husband and two grain free kitties. I eat a mostly paleo diet and occasionally indulge in things that won’t make me sick. You’ll find mostly Tex-Mex paleo recipes on this blog, along with low iodine diet recipe modifications (for those preparing for radioactive iodine tests or treatments) and other creations I’ve made.

My health history and why I eat paleo
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 15 and later, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Papillary Thyroid Cancer at 21. I had a total thyroidectomy and was treated with radioactive iodine. It took me about 3 years to adjust to my new thyroid hormone replacement medicine and start feeling like myself again, but I was still unhappy with my weight. I’ve been heavy my whole life. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other diseases run in my family. In 2011, I was the heaviest I had ever been and decided it was time to get a physical to determine my current health situation. I was told I was at risk of getting diabetes along with many other health complications if I kept my current lifestyle. The doctor urged me to change my eating habits and slowly introduce physical activity into my life. After two years of eating a low carbohydrate diet, actually eating vegetables and exercising, I lost about 40 pounds, but I was still feeling tired all the time and unmotivated.

In early 2013, I found the Whole 30 and paleo and have never felt better. Eating natural, whole foods has proven to work wonders for people who have thyroid and other autoimmune diseases. I encourage you to learn more about it. The paleo diet is very similar to the low iodine diet. I have had a few rounds of radioactive iodine tests and treatment so I understand how hard it can be to follow the low iodine diet with barely any energy from being off thyroid hormone replacement. My last experience with the low iodine diet was fairly easy since I was already used to cutting out dairy, grains and processed foods.

I’m happy to say I have been cancer free for over 8 years and have a new found energy for life.

I enjoy Zumba, BodyPump, cycling, yoga and strength training every week. This blog is about my continuous journey to live a holistic lifestyle. I am by no means a health expert, but hope I can provide inspiration to others who are trying to eat healthier, lose weight or fighting thyroid disease. Hope you enjoy my blog!



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  1. I just found your blog! Congratulations on this project Becky!! I hope to use your recipes to help my family and I start a Paleo lifestyle.

  2. We have lots in common! Raised in S.A. (GO SPURS GO!), live in Metro D.C., have hypothyroid/Hashi’s. I have two boys and am in my 40s, so I am wondering if age and having a cortisol level that is through the roof (thanks, grad school…) will take me longer to take the weight off. I would like to lose about 65 lbs or so, but realize I need to reduce inflammation and keep blood sugar levels even. Am looking forward to checking out your blog and enjoying some of the flavors of home, likely modified for AIP, to keep me on track. (I need this in my life – have you heard they’ve opened a CHUY’s in NoVA?! Yikes!)

    • Thanks for the welcome! I’m loving DC so far, big change from Texas, but definitely loving it! I was raised in Houston, went to SA for school and ended up living there nearly 10 years! I’m so glad you found the blog as well. Looking forward to posting some new recipes soon! Best of luck with your health and weight-loss journey. It takes time, but absolutely worth it! Chuy’s?! Whoa, I will have to try to steer clear of that place…chips and salsa are my enemy!

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